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295 silicone grease


  • Fumed silica thickened polydimethyl siloxane grease.

  • Translucent, non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, non-corrosion.

  • Resistance of oxidation, resistance of low and high temperature(-50oC~180oC);

  • Outstanding insulation property and lubricant.

  • Chemical inertness, low volatile fraction.

  • High flash point, low vapor pressure, low condensation point.

  • Excellent water-repellent, damp-proof, shock protection.

  • Could be used as release agent, defoamer, damping medium.

  • No scattering after long time working.


  • Extensively used as semiconductor transistor*s stuffer; electric insulation for instrument; lubricant at low and high temperature; foul-borne arc resistance for high-voltage insulator.

  • Can protect electric junction from corrosion and rust, and protect electric instrument and apparatus from shock. Also can be used as damping medium.

  • As release agent and defoamer.


Appearance White translucent grease
Needle penetration  (25oC)  1/10mm 170~240
Volatility  %    (200oC, 24hr) Max. 2.5
Oil separation  %   (200oC, 24hr) Max.9
Dielectric constant  (106Hz)   F/m 2.5~3.2
Dielectric loss tangent  (106Hz) Max. 1.2*10-3
Volume Resistance Coefficient  Ohm-cm Min. 5*1014
Puncture voltage  KV/mm Min. 8.8


  • Keep away from fire, sunlight and rain. Keep good ventilation during storage. The effective store time is a year. Beyond the time, it still can be used after being tested and qualified.

  • Transported as non-hazardous chemicals.

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